Friday, September 14, 2012

Jazzin goes Bollywood

Straight from the decks of Bollywood Indian Bar and Restaurant , this playlist  has an authentic footprint  A musical blend that combines traditional and contemporary musical elements in a very pleasant way. 
Bollywood is a hip Indian bar-restaurant in Gazi, downtown Athens, with classic and revisited recipes on the menu, familiar cocktails with an Indian twist at the bar and an inspired musical blend on the decks. 

Bollywood Indian Bar and Restaurant 

Elasidon 29, Gazi
Tel 210 3450041 - 6940040076
Tue. > Sat. - 20:00 > 3:00
Sun 14:00 > 1:30
RSVP @ 2103450041 - 694004076 (After 14:00)

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