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A history of Greek Jazz

The first group with a distinct jazz character. Markos Alexiou on piano,
Lakis Zois on guitar, Giorgos Filipidis on bass, Giorgos Trantalidis on drums.
The band is focusing on original compositions. 
Sphinx (ACBA) 1979 Epta.
Diastasis (ACBA) 1980. 

Sakis Papadimitriou/Floros Floridis  
The first daring duet and the first Greek modern jazz recording at the Jazz Club of Barakos in Plaka. A typical presentation of the two musicians, that more
or less indicates the roads they followed later. 

Improvising at Barakos (Improvisation series) 1979. 

Sakis Papadimitriou  
His approach to piano playing is characterized by innovation...
His music is full of pictures. It's just a matter of whether one can see... 

Pianoepafes (Aftosxediasmos) 1980.
Piano Plays (Leo) 1983.
First Move (Leo) 1986.
Orpheus '85 (Praxis) 1987 With Gunder Sommer.
Piano Oracles (Leo) 1989.
Piano Cellules (Adda) 1990.
Piano Oracles (Leo) CD mode this time plus a side of the First Move.
Periferia (Adda) 1995. With Daunik,Lazro,Carlos Zingaro,and Jean Bolcato.
To Tragoudi tis LULU (Ano Kato) 1996.
Plus And Minus (Leo) 1997.

Floros Floridis  
A musician of colaborations, in international and national level,
During his career he has founded some of the most interesting jazz bands,
which recorded equally interesting albums. 

(n)tzzrrrt (aftosxediasmos) 1980.
Adonis 21.10.1983 (JnD) 1984. With paul Lytton,Hans Shneider,Pinguin Moschen.
Amore (JnD) 1985 With Mark Charig,Taya Fisher.
Ellispontos (JnD) 1986 With Paul Lytton ,Hans Schneider,Phil Wachsmann.
Krok Trio (JnD) 1988 With Mixalis SiganidiS,Dimitris Polizoidis.
The Manager In Charge I Salute (JnD/Lyra) 1988 With Giannis Murtzopoulos.
Human Aspect (Lyra/OM) 1990 With VIncent Chansey, Peter Kowald,Louis Moholo.
Duos: Europa (FMP) From Peter Kowald.
Pyrichia (Ano Kato) 1991 With Peter Kowald, Ilias Papadopoulos.
Goutou Goupatou (Ano Kato) 1994 With Mixalis Siganidis, Kostas Vombolos.
To Velos Tou Xronou (Ano Kato) 1996.
Syrtis Major (Ano Kato) 1998 With M. Petrovic, V. Nikolic.
Aphorisms (Ano Kato) 1998 With P. Kowald, G. Sommer
Black Sea Forest (Lyra)

Kiriakos Sfetsas  
Not a strictly jazz composer, but why should he ?
His musicall education is such,that shows the depth of his understanding
of techniques, and wise ways of using them. The result is the
introduction of a true ' Greek Fusion'. 

Without borders (EMI) 1980 With Greek Fusion Orchestra.
In the sun stream - Taksim (EMI) 1981.
The night with Silena (CBS) 1987.
Silent Days (Utopia) 1991.
Diplochromia (University Of Creta) 1994. 

Mimis Plessas  
The link between the traditional and the modern Greek Jazz scene. 

Mimis Plessas Quartet (Minos) 1980.
40 Years of Jazz Part 1(EMI) 1981.
40 Years of Jazz Part 2(EMI) 1981.
Mimis Plessas Quartet plus 6 Soloists (MINOS) 1985 

Giorgos Trantalidis  
In continuous touch with the Hungarian scene, a musician which should
balance his choices better... 

Clarification (EMI) 1981 With George Vukan,Balazs Berkes.
One,Two,Three,Four (EMI) 1981 With Tony Lakatos.
Hores (Afoi Falirea) 1985.
Mesogeios (Afoi Falirea) 1987.
Erisma (BMG) 1988.
a.m-p.m. (Akti) 1992.
15 Xronia Elliniki Jazz (BMG) 1994.
O Xairetismos (BMG) 1996.

Dimitris Zafirelis  
A guitarist which moves inside an atmospheric rock-jazz space.
His music is full of colours... 

Fillosies (Lyra) 1982.
Rock Oriental (FM) 1992. 

Minas Alexiadis  
A skillful pianist. Maybe contemporary music and academy
has kept him away from jazz. We need him... 

Integra (Praxis) 1981.
Keyboard Music (MBI) 1987.
Stories Among Friends (Lyra) 1997 

Nana Simopoulou  
A musician of international fame.
Creates beautiful songs and her guitar playing is very melodic.
She has recorded with big jazz musicians, greek and foreign ones.
Pandora's Blues (Banana S) 1983.
Wings and Air (Enja) 1987.
Still Waters (Enja) 1990. 

Thomas Sliomis
A talented pianist and composer. He moves, though, mainly inside
formalistic borders. 

Phonorama (Praxis) 1983 With Daunik Lazro. 

Nikos Georgousis 
A pianist that showed up and disappeared like a comet. 

Pictures 1985. 

Kolektiva Halkis  
The creative voice of the countryside.
With a passion for research and a lot of knowledge.
Very good for her time as far as contemporary music matters are concerned.
'Art Duo' followed. 

Kolektiva HALKIS 1985. 

A Priori
A moving side of jazz rock. Not so electric but full of essence. 

A Priori (Ano Kato) 1986. 

Lito Vogiatzoglou  
A unique person and a talented, melodic composer.
The need to move on .. 

Tili,Tili,Tili (Praxis) 1986. 

Vagelis Katsoulis 
Not a strictly jazz musician. He has managed to give to us an
electronic music full of purity and quality. He is always 'in'... 

Minimal Suite / Double image (Praxis) 1986.
Keyboard Music (MBI) 1987.
The Slipping Beauty (Utopia) 1988.
Whispers Of Immorality (Utopia) 1990.
Through The Dark (Lyra) 1997. 

A 'powerfull' fusion team. Lynch, Fakanas, Farazis, Touliatos..
Each one followed his path, later... 

A New Day (Polydor) 1986.
Parastasis (Utopia) 1990. 

Thanos Mikroutsikos 
Inside his wide interest for music, Mikroutsikos hides a creative interest for jazz.
'Duo' is exceptional, as an important approach to the realms of contemporary jazz. 

Duo For Saxophone and Electric Bass (1987).
Music For Two (Minos) 1992. 

Andreas Georgiou 
An excessive and educated guitarist, his knowledge allows
him to enter the core of jazz & Tzaz music. 

Spatial Trembling (Praxis) 1987.
Ermai .1990 With George Xatzimihelakis,Basilis Stamatiadis
Talisman(C+R) 1990.
Modus Vivendi (Thema) 1995.
Vananda (Libra) 1998.

Mixalis Siganidis  
Apart from the fact that he's a great bassist, he's a maitre of
musical-poetical-theatrical collage, with a unique sense of humour. 

Little brother (Lyra) 1988.
In the morning and at night(Lyra) 1990 with Theodoros Rellos.
To Traino Fantasma Filos (Lyra) 1995.

Thanasis Zlatanos 
Electronic conceptions inside the borders of a real ambient. 

Artificial (Lollipop) 1988. 

Giorgos Fakanas 
He has made the first notable big band recording.
Also he's responsible for a very interesting interpretation of fusion. 

Horizon (RCA) 1988.
Amorosa (CBS) 1991.
Stand-Art (Eros) 1995.

Sounds of winter 
A 4-lp album... represents in the best way the status of our
alternative jazz, pop, rock and FOLK scene in the middle of the 80's. 

Sounds of winter 

Pantelis Karageorgis  
A pianist with an in-depth study on Monk. A musician with an artful personality.

Beetwen Speech & Song (Cadense)1994.
In Time (Leo Lab) 1994.
Lines (Accurate) 1995.

Electric Jazz Trio  
The group of Thodoros & Nikos Kapilidis, and Giotis Kiourtsoglou from
Salonica. They are so good... 
Feturing Manny Boyd and Dany Hayes (Rotonda) 1990. 

Basilis Tsampropoulos  
Jazz with a classic background and atmospheric touches. 

Sky Scape (Utopia) 1990.
Images (Lyra) 1992. 

Takis Barberis  
Electric fusion, rock melodies, good beat. A promising musician. 

Something From July (Lyra) 1990.
Are You Happy? (Lyra) 1992.
Episodes (Lyra) 1995.
Naiva (Lyra) 1998. 

Eleni Karaindrou 
Movie music? Or maybe real movie poetry?
She colaborated with Garberek and ECM records. 

L'Africana (Minos) 1990.
Music For Films (EMC) 1991.
The Suspended Step of the Stork (ECM) 1992.
Ulysses' Gaze (ECM New Series) 1995.
Eternity And A Day (ECM New Series) 1998.

Kostas Liakis  
Big Band, many greek jazzmen, standards.. for god's shake... 

Coltrane Jazz-Funk-Latin Big Band (Europe) 1991.
Coltrane Jazz-Funk-Latin Big Band (Europe) 1992. 

Takis Paterelis/Giorgos Kontrafouris
Sax and piano. Piano and sax. Really funky... 

Funky People (Europe) 1991. 

Stigma jazz band Korinthos 
The only active dixieland band in Greece, based in Korinthos. 

Pegasus (Europe) 1991. 

Kostas Xristou 
Moody guitarist moving in very personal directions. 

Ampira (Lyra-OM) 1991. 

Kostas Xanzopoulos
Following new age paths. 

Totem (Akti) 1991. 

Eleni Adoni 
A voice phenomenically resembling to that of Nana Mouschouris, with interpretating passion.
Lives in the U.S. and works with Ran Blake. 

Mistral (Zoning) 1991. 

Haris Mathiopoulos
Saxophonic musical background. 

If (SDM) 1991 

Christos Galanopoulos 
Following new age paths,also... 

A Bird's Eye View (BMG) 1991. 

Dimitris Petsetakis  
Following new age paths,as well... 

Missing Links (Utopia) 1991. 

New age aesthetics. More info soon... 

Vital Space (Ambrosia) 1992.
Ethernal (Ambrosia) 1993. 

Korinthos/Politismos 92 
An album showing a part of the musical identity of Korinthos. Jazz rock poetry 

Korinthos :Politismos '92 (Europe) 1992. 

Giorgos Hadjinasios  
Music and cinema. Piano improvisation at the omonymous Fritz Lang movie. 

Metropolis (WEA) 1992. 

Christos Tsiamoulis 
Byzantine influences interpretated with much sensitivity. 

Athos o Emos (FM) 1992. 

From this point on, comments stop, as artits and their albums have been presented- or will be presented soon- into the pages of our magazine...  

Basilis Rakopoulos   
Roxanni (Lyra) 1993. 

Stamatis Mazaris   
Oneira (Lyra ) 1993. 

Solo Piano (Solo) 1994. 

Ixnilates tou Ioyra   
Inilates tou Ioyra (Lyra) 1994. 

Skines Hxou (Evdomi Diastasi) 1994. 

Page One (Utopia)1994.
Beyond the Blue (FM Records) 1995. 

Savina Giannatou/Nikos Touliatos  
Masko (Simadron) 1994. 

East Vision (Utopia) 1994. 

Axileas Persidis   
Notios Ixos (Polygram) 1994.
Notios Ixos -Skia tis Thalasas (Merkury) 1996.

Lakis Zois    
Esoteric (Eros) 1994. 

Marika Kampatsea   
La Saradua (Musica Viva) 1994. 

Optiki Mousiki   
Optiki Mousiki vol.1
Optiki Mousiki Vol.2 (Iamvos) 

Markos Alexiou   
Flying to the Unknown (Eros) 1994.

Giannatou Savina
Anoixi Stin Saloniki 
(Lyra) 1994.

Magoulas Giorgos
 (New Age Sounds) 1994.

Dimosioipaliliko Retire
 (Abyssos) 1995.

Bombolos Kostas
(Lyra) 1995.
To Domatio Ton Koritsion (Ano Kato) 1996.
The Dream of Ro/I Walk In The Forest (Lyra) 1997.

Hyacinth (SONY) 1998.

Flame Keeper (THESIS) 1997.

Breakin' Loose (MBI) 1997.

Diotima (ANO KATO) 1996

Iasis (LYRA) 1996.
Amalgama (LYRA) 1998.

Blue Jazz Expression (RIA) 1998.

Oriental West (FM) 1996.

My Friend Mephisto (PALMOS) 1997.

Drama Music (ANO KATO) 1996.

The Song of Lulu (ANO KATO) 1996.

Open Routes (ANO KATO) 1997.

Plus And Minus (LEO) 1997.

Palmus (ANO KATO) 1996.

Spells of Music (LYRA) 1996.

Mythoplasia (LIKNOS) 1996.

Human Touch (LYRA) 1998.

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