Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jazzin Athens loves also technology

AT LAST! The Jazz RealBook Comes Alive and Delivers on Its Potential! This Revolutionary New Computer Software Makes You a Better Musician. Find Out How....

There is absolutely no better way to learn the "jazz language" than by seeing and hearing the music created by famous jazz artists.
The EASIEST WAY to do that is by running through jazz charts while listening to the recordings.
Now, as you may already know, the Real Book has been an essential part of every aspiring jazz musician's arsenal since the spiral bound, soft cover fake book came out in the 70's
It's right up there in importance with your instrument and your albums. Sure, there have been other jazz fake books - but none match the importance of the original jazz fakebook - The Real Book Volume 1 Fifth edition.
"Face it, if you don't own The Real Book, then you really aren't for real when it comes to playing jazz and jazz improvisation."

Unless you have a massive library of jazz albums available to you, then you won't have a clue when it comes to how those songs are supposed to sound or be played.
You are just shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something.
That means that a good portion of the RealBook will be of little or no value to you.
For you to solve this problem on your own, you would have to spend huge amounts of time and money to locate and buy all of the recordings needed.
I'm going to save you the pain, effort, time and expense of all that...

"The 'Real Book Software' is an all out, full blown, self contained jazz studies course, brought to life in an easy to use software program for Windows and Mac."
In jazz improvisation, you are required to know how to play through hundreds of jazz standards, jazz blues, latin jazz charts etc.
My Real Book Software will not only provide you with thousands of essential jazz chord charts and melodies but will also familiarize you with how these charts should sound.
This is critical in helping you understand the language of jazz and building a superb jazz vocabulary.
Hearing these essential jazz standards is a critical component to the advancement of any jazz musician.

There are 462 recordings that are bundled into the software.
Just hit a button and listen to the song being played by original artists and other jazz stars.
There is so much audio here.
If you were to play the recordings end to end, without stopping you would spend
1 day, 20 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds to all of them.
That's almost 2 continuous days of the world's most amazing jazz music

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