Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alex Foster's "Condition" !

A culmination of experience, passion, and brutal honesty, 'Alex Foster's Condition' brings new meaning to improvised music. With all original compositions, the album showcases a phenomenal spirit heard not nearly often enough in music today. It makes a drastic statement, featuring untraditional sounds such as electric guitar as it explores the vast frontier that is jazz by taking strides with a free approach that is far from ordinary. The ensemble that is "The Condition" generates an energy that is all their own, formulating a distinct, yet natural sound that conveys a strong message with sincerity- all the while featuring all-star musicians. Showcasing the talents of Alex Foster on saxophones, Michael Wolff on piano, Costas Baltazanis on electric guitar, James Genus on acoustic bass, Jeff 'Tain' Watts and Shawn Pelton on drums, the album takes a life of its own, with the music reflecting various aspects of Alex's life. A true testament to his "condition," this release is representative of Alex's desire to express his music in its most honest, uninhibited way.

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