Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Horace Silver Quintet & Elvin Jones Trio 1968!! with Billy Cobham ect.

Two AMAZING Rare Jazz Concerts! Horace silver is amazing, film looks / sounds great. Billy Cobham is so young and amazing on this shit. elvin is on fire! this show is great for all fans of jazz but as a drummer its a jaw dropping MUST SEE. from: Omkring Midnat Denmark TV 1968 Horace Silver Quintet Horace Silver: Piano Bill Hardman: Trumpet Bennie Maupin: Tenor John Williams: Bass Billy Cobham: Drums 1. Nutville 2. Song For My Father Elvin Jones Trio Elvin Jones: Drums Joe Farrel: Sax, Flute Jimmy Garrison: Bass 1. Village Greene 2. Sweet Little Maia 3. Ginger Bread Boy 59:03 The Horace Silver footage is a composite of two sources.

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